So, um, hi!  *waves*

The good news is that about 5 months ago, I started working at a new place.  I may post more details under f-lock later, but suffice to say that the money, coworkers, and overall environment are now significantly better than they were.  In fact, it's exact the sort of place at which I envisioned working as I was finishing school.  Career-wise, while I wouldn't call myself completely settled, I do feel that I'm finally starting to reap the rewards of all the dues I've paid since March of 2011, which was when I finally bit the bullet and went back to school.

Here's the thing... At first, I was very busy after I started at the new place - learning the ropes, getting used to the hours, and generally learning the culture as one does when one is just starting a new job, which was my excuse for setting my writing aside for a time.

I also made a number of resolutions when I left my former place for this one, but one of the biggest was to keep my head down, avoid drama as much as possible, and not get too involved with my coworkers' lives.  This has served me well.

Very well, actually.  So well that my overall stress level has decreased considerably, which is awesome.

Except that apparently, I can't write when I'm happy.  So once again, the sequel to "The Perfect Storm" has stalled, which is, naturally, the bad news.  Well, that and the bridging chapter, the one that is absolutely essential in order for anything I've written that takes place after it make sense, is nearly 20,000 words of utter dogshit.  Thanks to beta reading, it's getting better, but for some reason, the words simply aren't there, the story doesn't flow, and I feel as though I'm leading the characters instead of the other way around, something that I've sworn from the beginning that I wouldn't do.

Long story short - I haven't forgotten, I haven't given up, but I'm really hoping that something terrible doesn't have to happen in order for my muse to return from where it seems to have retreated.

Thank you to everyone who's been so encouraging and patient - it means more to me than I can say.
Practicum - B (But I got 190/200 on the Final, :)).
Anatomy - B (The Final brought my grade down, sigh - 165/200)
Trigger Point - B (I totally got what I deserved, here, LOL.)
Spa Services - A (344.90/350 points possible in the class - the only time I've done better was Humanities Winter Quarter when with extra credit, I got 100%, heh.)
Board Review - A (I'm going to keep doing practice exams until I take the MBLEx, something that will hopefully happen soon, *fingers crossed*)

Spa Services hasn't been "officially" posted as a part of my GPA yet, but even without it, I'm squeaking by with a 3.5, something I was afraid would be blown because of the B's I've gotten recently.  So very happy right now, despite the fact that it'll be late October or early November before I'm actually licensed to practice because of the MBLEx and the insane amount of paperwork required to get a medical license in the state of Ohio.

I didn't go to graduation today, but it's just as well, as I'm having uterine pain, sigh.  The pelvic ultrasound is one week from today, but my symptoms are telling me what it's going to say.  The only queation is how I'll deal with it when the time comes. 

Wish me luck!
I'm posting this from school, so I'm uncertain as to whether my power at home is back on.  However, according to AEP, it could take 5-7 days for the power to be back on in my area.  I'll have only limited access to the internet if the outage continues until Monday, as I must save the charge on my phone for emergencies.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to the communities I moderate.

Thank you for your time and attention.
I got 98 out of 100 on my Massage Techniques Midterm, which is significant since it was the single biggest chunk of points offered in the class.  I also thought I was going to majorly blow it, so YAY! 
Right now, there are 20 of you who have me on their feeds whom I have not friended back.  For various reasons, I've been f-locking a lot of stuff lately, so if you'd like to read something other than my fiction, please leave a comment telling me you're over 18.  I don't need your actual age, just that you're old enough to read the silliness I post. 

If you friended me for fiction, um...  I'm sorry?  I haven't been writing a lot of fiction lately because of school.  The ideas are percolating and once in a while something will find its way out, but for the most part, I'm just blogging, :).

In any case, if you'd like for us to be "mutual friends" (which also includes a link to my Facebook, where I post even MORE about politics), please just drop me a line and I'll add you back, :).

Thanks, :).

Thank You!

Jul. 13th, 2011 03:29 pm
Thank you, [ profile] megans_writing  for the chocolate userhead.  It made me feel better after my test, :).

Thank You!

Jul. 13th, 2011 11:33 am

Thank you to [ profile] fwmammd  for the chocolate userhead - it looks yummy & was just what I needed to pick me up before my test today, :).


Apr. 27th, 2011 02:12 pm
I got an 82% on the test I thought I failed, so YAY!  This also means that I won't have to take BIO 100 and will be able to take the class I needed to take next quarter.  Overall, a WIN!  Now, I just have to do well on my math midterm today...

A big thank you to [ profile] las  for her help studying!
Stop fucking changing my theme.  Seriously, fucking STOP IT.  Also, I think I blew my test today, so thanks for adding to my general stress.
Somehow, my theme got changed without me, y'know, INTENDING to change it.  I changed it back and may go back and customize more later, but right now I'm too burned out from studying Biology for my BIO 100 proficiency test tomorrow to bother.

I am pissed that all of my customization is gone...  Sorta.  Some of my stuff ("People I Like" instead of "Friends Page", for example) was starting to feel a little pretentious, so maybe this is a blessing in disguise...

In any case, wish me luck tomorrow, please.  I'm going to need it.



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