Hello, all!

I'm looking for someone to PLEASE beta my sequel to The Perfect Storm.

The plus is that you'd get to read it before everyone else.

The minus is that it's rough, really rough, and you'd be reading that before anyone else.   Even so, I think I've gotten it to a place where I can at least start to put the pieces I've written together into a coherent whole.  While in some ways the sequel is not as dark as its progenitor, there is what's essentially a 30,000-word, pretty heavy BDSM scene, as well as flashbacks, PTSD, references to rape and torture, and explicit violence.

With over 70,000 words in rough chunks written out, this is not a request for the faint of heart.  Some chapters and bridgework are essentially still a gleam in my eye, but they're a gleam I'd really like to get out of my head if at all possible.  In addition, if everything that needs to be written gets written, this could wind up being over 100,000 words very easily - it just depends on the feedback I get and how my muse responds to it.

I would prefer that any volunteers be familiar with The Perfect Storm and be willing to tell me where I'm going wrong in keeping with the spirit of that story.  The latter is very important to me, as this is still my baby and I'd like for her sister to be as well-cared-for as she was.

Thank you very much in advance for any and all volunteers.

Comments to this entry will be screened and any responses will be answered via PM or e-mail, as per the volunteer's request.

ETA: Wow, that was fast!  Thank you! :)
I am participating in Tardis Big Bang and was wondering if anyone would be available to beta it for me?  It will either be a Jack/Rose/Nine first-time thing or a Janto BDSM smut-fest.  I signed up for the former, but I've done 4,000 words on both.  Actually, I'm leaning towards doing the Jack/Rose/Nine for it just because it's a) sweeter & b) will probably only be 20,000 words; whereas the Janto will be... I don't know how many, but a probably lot, heh.  In truth, I need betas for both, but if BDSM's not your thing (there will still be semi-explicit violence right at the beginning - it's a hurt/comfort fic) & you like Jack/Nine/Rose...  I'll probably wind up writing whichever fic I can get a beta for for TBB, though I wanted to at least *try* to do the Jack/Nine/Rose because it's more of a challenge for me, :).  

The schedule for Tardis Big Bang is here. Please take a look to see if you have the time to turnaround chapters if you decide you'd like to help, :).

Thanks in advance! 
I am currently writing a rather long (27000+ words so far) Torchwood/Doctor Who fic . I've been writing fanfic for a long, long time, but until now, I've never really had the urge to post any of it. For some of you, my asking the question would make the answer obvious - of course you need a beta! Myself, if a story is labeled 'unbeta'd' I'll usually give it a pass unless the premise really grabs me.

Here's my problem: from a proofreading/grammar standpoint, I really don't feel that I need a beta. To be honest, I have a very firm grasp of the English language, use my spellcheck religiously, often argue (and win!) with the grammarcheck and generally feel that anything that I post will be readable, even if it's not Shakespeare, :).

Which brings me to the other aspect of having a beta - does my fic suck? Part of me wants to just finish the thing and let my audience decide if it sucks or not. The other (chickens*@t) part, wants to look for a beta so that if it sucks, I've only shown it to one person instead of many. Plus, I have to admit, having a beta would let me know if I've written the characters OOC, if something doesn't make sense, etc.

On the other hand, this story is sort of my baby and if I don't agree with the beta, well...

Sigh. This is why I'm posting this, lol! I guess my real question is, if I make it clear that I've done extensive proofreading/spellchecking/editing before I post, will people (who are interested in the type of fic it is, naturally) still read it even if I don't have a beta? Also, for those who are inclined to give help just for helps' sake, I'm putting my header for the fic under the cut. It's long - heck, if anything needs a beta, maybe it's that, :).

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