Note: There is a TON of other, far more important stuff going on in my life about which I may one day blog (it's all on Facebook, so if we're friends, friend me there, just send me a message so I know who you are, LOL), but this came up for the nth time tonight and I found that I just couldn't take it anymore...

Okay, so, NCIS: LA is the reason I'm blogging tonight, but this has annoyed me for a very long time, so I'm going to take each annoyance in general chronological order.
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First of all, Keith Olbermann had his last show about five hours ago and I'm really sorry to see him go.  He was not a perfect man and I usually fast-forwarded through most of the 'talking head' parts of Countdown, but I dearly loved his Special Comments and I think that for the most part, he was on the side of decency, even if he didn't always express that decency well.

He's a good man and there's a shortage of those on our airwaves.

I don't watch Rachel Maddow regularly, though I may have to start since she's the closest cousin to his on TV right now.  

Still, I doubt that I'll watch her with quite the regularity that I watched Keith, probably because I think in some ways, she's a better journalist.  Her style is very different, however, and at times she's hard for me to follow.  She doesn't do the 'talking heads' quite as much - rather, her show isn't nearly so easy to fast-forward through for 'highlights,' which means that one cannot be lazy when watching her. 

In any case, no more Keith, :(.

My second ending came with the end of "Medium".  Remember my dilemma about watching it?  It looks like that's been solved by them ending the show.

In the worst way I could ever have imagined.  BLEH.  I know they see it as a 'bittersweet' sort of thing, but wow, that was really made of suck, :(.

So I had two in one night.  Two shows I watched and fast-forwarded through are no longer around.

Granted, Medium hasn't had the same impact on me as Keith Olbermann, but in some ways I had a lot of the same frustration.

Keith Olbermann is a flawed individual and I didn't always agree with him or how he did his show or presented the news, but I found myself watching in spite of myself.

Weird that the same could be said of "Medium", as a show, not an individual.  They could have done a lot better with it and instead made it something that consistently treated the audience like fools.  Not that Keith Olbermann treats his audience like fools, but yeah, there were times when he reached a little too far for a "Worst Person" or called Sarah Palin a whore (I actually wrote an e-mail complaining about that one, because I felt he was being unfair to whores by denigrating their profession in that way) when I definitely felt he could have done better.

So very weird that they ended on the same night. 

ETA: This song started going through my head when I saw the post about Keith on [ profile] ontd_political and yeah, I know he's not dead and that this song's about Bill Hicks, but it still seems oddly appropriate...

ETA 2:  Sign this petition to stand with Keith Olbermann.


Jan. 15th, 2011 01:12 pm

Why do I keep watching this show? 
Cut for length and Gwen-bashing if you squint. )

To be fair, I often watch it on fast-forward, but I just can't seem to give it up, lol.  

ETA: Watching this show makes me feel like this.


I honestly and truly want to cry.  I want to cry because I'm not excited about it.  I want to cry because I'm going into it pre-hating it and that's not entirely fair.  I want to cry because several people on my flist ARE excited about it and I feel as though I can't not be without harshing their squee.

I got some good news about it today, which put me back to my default position on S4 - I'm going to watch the first episode and if I hate it, I'm going to cancel my Starz subscription until it's off the air again.  It's the only form of protest I can think of that anyone at Starz would care about. 

I thought about setting up a filter or only posting my anti-squee on forums, but then I remembered.

This is my journal.

All I'm going to do with regards to this issue is cut all posts that are anti-S4 with warnings so that anyone who doesn't want their squee harshed can skip them.  Like this one, so read no further if you're a S4 fan, because I respect not only your opinion, but also your right to have it, :).  Be excited for S4 - since they're making it, I'm happy it's entertainment for someone.  I just... can't be.  I can't be and I'm sorry. 

PLEASE DO NOT READ BEYOND THIS POINT IF YOU'RE EXCITED FOR S4. Also, possible spoilers. Thanks in advance for your consideration and understanding, :). )
This show gave me nightmares.  Just putting that out there.  It straight up gave me nightmares, more than one night after watching it. 

It's the end of the world, you know.  Not the show, necessarily, but if anything like that every happened, that's the end.

Of humanity, anyway.

There's no surviving it long-term.  There's no fighting it, really.

Because we all die someday.

That said, it's a great show, :).  I'll be watching it when they come out with more episodes.
I watch a lot of TV that's potentially triggery for me - it's sort of how I deal.  Last night's episode of Criminal Minds featured Cut for spoilers and possible non-graphic rape triggers. )
I'm going to preface this by saying that I usually LOVE Batman: Brave And The Bold.  It's a cartoon obviously made for both adults and comic book fans and it generally handles adult concepts well.  (A recent episode in which a side character died handled the subject matter extremely well, for example.)


Having just watched the episode where Batwoman (not Batgirl, try to keep up*) persuades Faust to help her switch bodies with Batman, I have to say - it made me a little uncomfortable.  

Cut for spoilers and fail related to gender stereotypes. ) Cut for spoilers and fail related to gender stereotypes. )

In a show that's usually made of win, this all added up to fail, :(.  I have to say that I'm really sad that I'm seeing these same stupid stereotypes being passed on to another generation of kids.  Yes, I know I said that this was aimed at adults, but that episode I mentioned at the beginning where the side character died?  Someone was passing around a blog post where a man was watching it with his 5-year-old son, so kids are watching this.

And learning from it, :(.

*When I first saw the episode synopsis in my DVR, I almost thought it was another 'Invisible Woman' growing up of a character-I'm-not-a-girl-anymore-female-positive-type thing, but no.  In the Marvel Universe, Batwoman and Batgirl are two different people, :(.

***I want to apologize in advance for messing up the male/female pronouns right here.  I did my best to keep the characters' actual genders straight when a male was inhabiting a female body and vice versa, but I couldn't think of the proper way to word it in this instance and so there's gender pronoun fail at this point.  My bad, :(.
So I watched Family Guy tonight.  So Seth MacFarlane got Rush Limbaugh to be a part of the show and make fun of himself and everything he stands for.

Yeah, somehow I can't see Sean Penn showing up at a Sarah Palin rally, no matter how much money someone threw at him.

And those of you who know me, know that I don't use the word 'whore' lightly.  

To me, someone is a whore when they ignore their principles and accept a job that makes them look like a hypocritical tool just for the money. 

Someone is a whore when they don't respect themselves or those whom they ally with, in business or pleasure.

Someone is a whore when only the dollar signs motivate them, not any sense of morality or principle.

Rush Limbaugh is a whore.


Sep. 28th, 2010 04:06 pm
ETA: The image was cropped, but you can view the whole thing here.

I want to preface this by saying that I tried.   I really and truly tried.  Also, if you are in the Glee fandom (as I know at least one person on my flist is and your post only reminded me to post this, heh), then I want to say that this is only my opinion and I in no way want to say that you shouldn't be enjoying it, as I actually can understand the appeal even if I don't share in the enthusiasm.   I watched both the Madonna episode and the episode with Neal Patrick Harris, and they were... clever.  The acting was decent and I could see some of the humor.  However, I loathed high school with the fire of a thousand suns and while I've been known to enjoy a show tune here and there, I'm just not into musicals.  I wasn't in chorus - I was in band and never the twain shall meet.  In the end, I can only agree with Mad Magazine on this one:
OMFFSM! (oh my fucking FSM)

Cut for HEAVY spoilers. )
So I watched the season premiere of Fringe tonight.  So it really, really sucked.  Sucked to the point where I'm not even sure I want to watch the show anymore.

Don't get me wrong, the acting is still top-notch and I still love the characters, but here's the thing:


Cut for mild spoiler. )

Third time?  Not the charm, m'kay? 

It's bad writing that speaks to a lack of imagination on the part of the show's writers.

Not cool, Mr. Abrams, not cool, :(.

ETA: I just remembered that he actually did this cut for another mild spoiler ), so um, yeah - FAIL.

PS Does anyone happen to have a 'FAIL' icon I could gank?  I've been getting into icons more lately and it seems like one I should have in my arsenal, ;).

ETA: Found and made one myself, lol. incredibly boring.  Like, if you have paint you can watch drying or grass to watch growing, I suggest doing that instead.

I really didn't care about the characters, or what was happening, or what The Event might turn out to be.  It did not engage me in the slightest.  

It also is using the 'x hours/days/minutes' earlier trope ENTIRELY too much (like every couple of minutes or even flippin' SECONDS), to the point where I wanted to throw things at the screen.

Bottom line: You'd have to pay me to watch it.
Okay, so I watched the first season and the first few minutes of the second season premiere.  I enjoyed the first few episodes quite a bit, but there were a few things that started to bug me.

As time when on, they bugged me more.

Cut for spoilers, lots of swearing and squicky imagery. )
So I finally got to see "Found", the episode that shows what happens to Dom, who was kidnapped earlier in the season. 

Cut for spoilers. )
In a reply to a post I recently made, [ profile] frakkin_addict mentioned that she doesn't consider COE to have happened at all. This reminds me of the very first fandom in which I ever participated, that of the American TV show "Beauty and the Beast," 1987-89.

COE spoilers under the cut.

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