So, um, hi!  *waves*

The good news is that about 5 months ago, I started working at a new place.  I may post more details under f-lock later, but suffice to say that the money, coworkers, and overall environment are now significantly better than they were.  In fact, it's exact the sort of place at which I envisioned working as I was finishing school.  Career-wise, while I wouldn't call myself completely settled, I do feel that I'm finally starting to reap the rewards of all the dues I've paid since March of 2011, which was when I finally bit the bullet and went back to school.

Here's the thing... At first, I was very busy after I started at the new place - learning the ropes, getting used to the hours, and generally learning the culture as one does when one is just starting a new job, which was my excuse for setting my writing aside for a time.

I also made a number of resolutions when I left my former place for this one, but one of the biggest was to keep my head down, avoid drama as much as possible, and not get too involved with my coworkers' lives.  This has served me well.

Very well, actually.  So well that my overall stress level has decreased considerably, which is awesome.

Except that apparently, I can't write when I'm happy.  So once again, the sequel to "The Perfect Storm" has stalled, which is, naturally, the bad news.  Well, that and the bridging chapter, the one that is absolutely essential in order for anything I've written that takes place after it make sense, is nearly 20,000 words of utter dogshit.  Thanks to beta reading, it's getting better, but for some reason, the words simply aren't there, the story doesn't flow, and I feel as though I'm leading the characters instead of the other way around, something that I've sworn from the beginning that I wouldn't do.

Long story short - I haven't forgotten, I haven't given up, but I'm really hoping that something terrible doesn't have to happen in order for my muse to return from where it seems to have retreated.

Thank you to everyone who's been so encouraging and patient - it means more to me than I can say.

Thank You!

Jan. 4th, 2013 03:15 pm
Thank you, [ profile] heeroluva, for the Gingerbread Man!  I really appreciate him! :)

Thank You!

Dec. 28th, 2012 12:35 pm
Thank you, [ profile] angstosaur for the Gingerbread Man - he's very cute! :)

Thank You!

Nov. 2nd, 2012 11:40 am
Thank you [ profile] heeroluva, [ profile] fwmammd, and [ profile] mahmfic for the pumpkin cookies!

Thank You!

Sep. 16th, 2012 10:31 pm
Thank you [ profile] fwmammd for the adorable panda!  It's very cute and really brightened my day, :).

Thank You!

Jun. 9th, 2012 02:19 pm
Thank you [ profile] darth_eldritch for the Planned Parenthood virtual gift and the two months of paid time!  I really appreciate both them and the lovely compliment, :).

Thank You!

May. 31st, 2012 03:24 pm
Thank you to the anonymous person who sent me the Planned Parenthood virtual gift.  I really appreciate it, :).

Thank You!

May. 26th, 2012 02:03 pm
Thank you, [ profile] antique_faery for the virtual gift and wonderful compliment.  It made my day! :)
As difficult as it is for me to believe, it's been two years since I started my first community, [ profile] trauma_rec_fic.  If you like hurt/comfort fiction from every form of media, I've been doing my best to make [ profile] trauma_rec_fic the place for finding it.  If there's anything that anyone feels I could or should do differently, I'd love to hear any and all comments on the matter.

In any case, thank you to everyone who's supported the community.  It's been a high point in my online life and I'd love to keep it going as long as I can, :).

Thank you!

May. 2nd, 2012 09:36 pm
Thank you to the anonymous benefactor that gave me the Planned Parenthood gift.  I truly appreciate it, :).

Thank You!

Feb. 27th, 2012 05:00 pm
Thank you [ profile] fwmammd for the Blue Dragon - I love it! :)

Thank You!

Feb. 26th, 2012 04:51 pm
Thanks, [ profile] reddwarfer, for Blue, The Patriarchy Killer Dragon, it gave me a laugh and I always need a laugh, :).

Thank You!

Feb. 26th, 2012 01:54 pm
Thank you, [ profile] heeroluva, for the blue dragon.  It's really cute! :)

Thank You!

Feb. 15th, 2012 12:09 am
Thank you to [ profile] blood and [ profile] darkdianora for the Blood Hearts - they're very cool! :)

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Dec. 19th, 2011 04:58 pm
Thank you for the Snowman Cookie [ profile] fwmammd!  I really appreciate it, :).

Happy Holidays!

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Oct. 31st, 2011 02:41 pm
Thank you for the blue spider, [ profile] heeroluva!  I really appreciate it, :).

Thank You!

Oct. 29th, 2011 03:11 pm
Thank you for the blue spider, fwmammd - it's really cute! :)

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Jul. 14th, 2011 01:23 am
Thank you for the chocolate userhead, [ profile] fiwen1010, :).  I really appreciate all the love lately, :).

Thank You!

Jul. 13th, 2011 03:29 pm
Thank you, [ profile] megans_writing  for the chocolate userhead.  It made me feel better after my test, :).

Thank You!

Jul. 13th, 2011 11:33 am

Thank you to [ profile] fwmammd  for the chocolate userhead - it looks yummy & was just what I needed to pick me up before my test today, :).



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