Almost exactly two years ago, I got into a discussion about how I wished I could find more sex-positive fan fiction.  I created a community to try and bring it all together, called [ profile] sexispositive.  And I never posted any fic or recommendations there.

Until today, when I finally found a story that I felt embodied what I was looking to do when I created the community. 

So if you believe that sex is a positive, wonderful thing when shared between consenting adults, please head on over and join the fun.



Oct. 3rd, 2012 01:39 am
I'm going to be driving to my mom's later today and staying for an undetermined amount of time.  While I'm there, I'll only be able to access the internet via my phone.  I'll still be able to keep an eye on the various communities at which I'm a mod, but there will be little to no posting from me during that time.

I apologize in advance for any inconvenience this causes.

Thank you for your understanding.
As difficult as it is for me to believe, it's been two years since I started my first community, [ profile] trauma_rec_fic.  If you like hurt/comfort fiction from every form of media, I've been doing my best to make [ profile] trauma_rec_fic the place for finding it.  If there's anything that anyone feels I could or should do differently, I'd love to hear any and all comments on the matter.

In any case, thank you to everyone who's supported the community.  It's been a high point in my online life and I'd love to keep it going as long as I can, :).

I'm now modding over at [ profile] spanking_world (and have posted my one and only Warehouse 13 fic there), so please check it out if you like all things spanking-related, :).
There's a f-locked entry that goes into more detail, but my oldest cat died today.  I plan to be an incoherent wreck for the next few days, so if something happens, community moderation or otherwise that requires my immediate attention, don't be surprised if I either jump right on it with incredible fervor or completely ignore it because I'm in a depressed stupor. 
Hey everyone, inspired by some comments on this rant, I just started a new community, [ profile] sexispositive. It's for stories that show sex as 100% positive only - no slut shaming or victim blaming allowed.  All fandoms, genres and kinks are welcome, though at this point no real person fiction is permitted because I'm squicked by it.  If there's anyone out there willing to mod those entries, I'll reconsider it, though, :).

Basically, if it's not sex-positive, it's not welcome, :).

And there's a new Big Bang Community that was started by a friend of mine, [ profile] classictrekbb:

If you participated in [ profile] torchwood_fest for the Halloween or Christmas fests, or was just a lurker, we (the mods) are looking for feedback! We want to know how we did, what you thought of the process, what you think we could do to run the community better, etc. The entry is over here so please comment and let us know what you thought. Your feedback is appreciated and will help us run the community more smoothly.


The [ profile] torchwood_fest  mods.

Thank You!

Jan. 10th, 2011 12:48 pm
Hey, everyone, please go and check out the pretties that [ profile] teamharkness  made for me over at [ profile] torchwood_fest.

Also, if anyone knows how to add banners to my layout, I'd be eternally grateful if you could help me, :).

Thank you!

ETA: Banners and Wallpaper below the cut for those who don't want to join [ profile] torchwood_fest, :).  
Pretties! )

Hey, everyone!  Just a reminder:

I maintain/moderate five communities:

The first, [ profile] trauma_rec_fic, is for hurt/comfort and trauma recovery in fiction.  This one's my baby, :).  I've been doing some pimping for it recently and figured I'd go ahead and pimp all of my communities at once, :).  All members are welcome to post about anything trauma-related,
so if you like hurt/comfort where the focus is on the comfort, please come and give us a look, :).  Also, if you know of any fandoms or communities that focus on hurt/comfort fiction, please link them in the comments so that I can check them out.  So far, I've promoted it in BTVS, Supernatural, Sherlock, Torchwood, White Collar, and Star Trek communities, as well as several multi-fandom communities, but ALL fandoms are welcome.  The only things not allowed are lolicon (consensual relationships between an adult and someone under the age of consent) and real person fiction.  

The second, [ profile] clues4clueless, contains pearls of 'wisdom' from yours truly.  This one's just silly fun. 

The third, [ profile] recs_by_teleen, contains fanfic recs that for whatever reason I didn't feel were appropriate for [ profile] trauma_rec_fic. Basically, this is where I'm going to archive links to all my favorite stories that aren't necessarily hurt/comfort, :), as well as hurt/comfort WIP's. 

The fourth [ profile] safeforatheists which is a safe space for atheists.  (This is the only one that is not adults-only, but there are adult concepts.) 

And the fifth, where I hope that all the Torchwood fans on my flist will come and participate! :)


We're posting our secret-Santa-style holiday story gift exchange from the 1st until the 24th, so there's lots of good stuff to read over there right now, :).
Ganked from [ profile] rm, though I deleted one sentence, paraphrased another and added one more, :).

So there's an LJ meme about your holiday wishlist.

The wishes can be anything from small and with no obvious monetary value to unlikely and/or extravagant. The idea is that I post mine and you post yours, and if people are inclined some of those wishes may just come true. For example, if you have a leather jacket you don’t want or a gift certificate you’re never going to use, that might just be the thing that could make someone else's holiday.

Anyway this is an entirely guilt/obligation-free/why-not sort of thing.  Just a bit of whimsy, and I do not expect nor require anyone to participate, :).

If you have already or do post one of these in the future, please comment with a link so that everyone can spread the word around.  Remember: one person's trash is another person's treasure, :).

Cut for my list, an incredibly vague trigger and my thoughts on this time of year, :). Happy Holidays! :) )  

I hope that everyone is safe and happy for this season and beyond and wish you all Peace on Earth, Goodwill towards Everyone, :).

Thank you all for being my friends, :)!

Hey everyone! There's still a bunch of prompts left to be claimed from our first ever Halloween Prompting Fest. Go here to clam any ophran prompts. All fics must be at least 500 words long and are due by October 29, 2010. But make sure you're a member of our community first!
If you're wanting to be a part of [ profile] torchwood_fest  or [ profile] trauma_rec_fic, you must be over 18 and have either your year of birth or an age statement on your profile. 

So if you've asked to be in either community and haven't been approved, please check your in-box for a PM asking if you're over 18 and reply yes or no, :).  No other explanation or information is required, :).

Thanks for your time and attention, :).

You may also comment on this post that you're over 18 to be approved as well.  Comments are screened.
To all of you out there reading this, I'm not normal.  I'm not neurotypical and I'm on the autism spectrum.  I've always been this way - I just didn't have a name for it until very, very recently.

Before you ask, I'm self-diagnosed.  But if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's fucking Aspergers, m'kay?

Am I bitter?  Little bit.  All my life I've been fucking weird, felt like an outsider and like there was a whole world that I just couldn't understand and I just got to find out that I probably never will.

There's no real treatment for what I have, no magic pill or therapy to make the walls come down and help me to actually understand what most of the population takes for granted.  

I never get to know...  So many fucking things.  I get to feel like I'm on the outside looking in and never really understand...  I'm repeating myself there, but I'm typing this while I'm crying and just...
Holy fuck this is long. Possibly the longest post I've ever put up here that wasn't a story. So long that I don't even know if LJ will take it. And I'm not reading over this before I post it, so there will be typos liekwhoa. Also, non-graphic trigger warning for those who have ever felt like outsiders or like the world could never understand them. Read at your own risk. But you should be doing that already if you're here, so I guess that read if you want to would be more appropriate. )

I have this odd urge to just write "The End," even though it would be abrupt and odd. 

The End.


PS I'm screening comments, 'cause that's just how I'm rolling on this one.

Well, as a follow-up to this post, I've gone ahead and created a safe space for atheists, [ profile] safeforatheists

Given that there will be no smut, I've labeled it 'adult concepts', so pretty much anyone above the age of reason may join. 

If you are religious, you are still welcome.  However, any attempts to try and convince members to change their way of thinking will be considered trolling - this goes on both sides, btw, ;). 

I figured that there was no use whining and whining about how there are no safe places for atheists when it's so flippin' easy to create a community.

All posts will be locked members-only because a) membership is going to be pretty open, b) I want to protect the privacy of what anyone might say there and c) I want everyone to feel free to say pretty much whatever they want within the topic at hand. 

As far as submitting membership requests go, when you submit your request to join, if you look human it will be approved.  The moderated membership is mostly to keep out bots, though if 'I love Newt Gingrich with all my heart' is somewhere on your profile, I'll probably watch you for a while once you're in, ;).

Our first annual Halloween Prompting Fest is now open for prompt collecting until October 4th.

We are still open for sign-ups for our 1st annual anonymous fic & art exchange Christmas Fest and will until October 4th as well.

Final note, you must be over 18 years old to join this community and you have to be a member of the community to participate or view anything.

Ganked from [ profile] megans_writing 



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