A Few More Powerful Responses to 'I'm Christian, Unless You're Gay'

This is pretty cool. 

ETA: Since something got lost in translation, I want to make it clear that I'm sharing these because I think they're AWESOME! 

They've restored some of my faith in humanity, honestly.
[Error: unknown template qotd]I would erase the intrinsic idea that most human beings have that anyone "Other" is someone to be feared.  I know the place where it comes from is one that helped our ancestors to survive (because it told us that the thing that went "bump" in the night might be a bear coming to eat us or that a stranger might be a drain on resources already stretched thin by subsistence living), but I'd truly rather that our species never have made it to this point, instead of us being sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic and generally horrible to anyone who doesn't fit within our specific definition of "normal" (which is something that literally varies from person to person and no one really has set values for anyway).

Cut for length and mentions of harm. )

Bottom line:  I would erase all of the excuses and justifications that people use to rationalize hurting those who are different from them.   
There will be no earthquake at 6PM on Saturday (is that Eastern or Pacific?), nor will there be a Rapture that leaves the survivors to suffer until October 21, 2011.  

It'll also still be here January 1, 2013. 

This has been a public service announcement from DUH! 

Thank you for your attention.

Over at [livejournal.com profile] atheism, there's a cool bingo card for all of we rational people to fill out starting on May 22. 

If I sound pissed off, it's because I am.  I actually had to DEBATE this today (with someone actually telling me I needed to 'get right' - I'm a good and moral person; that's as fucking 'right' as I need to get, thank you very much) and there's a fucking countdown billboard above my JOB, telling me that the end is near, which is EXACTLY what I want to see right before I have to go and deal with the public.

I feel genuinely sorry for anyone who believes this total bullshit.  (To be clear, you are entitled to believe whatever you wish, but if you truly believe that the world is ending on May 21, 2011 (or sometime in 2012) we should probably part ways right now.)

I'd also like to give a big, hearty and utterly sincere FUCK YOU to those who are propagating this fear-mongering, disgusting bag of fail.
God Vs. $20 

When I first saw the post about this in [livejournal.com profile] antitheism, I couldn't bring myself to watch the video past the first minute, but then  [livejournal.com profile] rpeate made this comment and I had to watch it to see if I could find evidence to call bullshit on this sentence in particular:

No, if they had scribbled out the word "God", Mike would likely have said, "Their faith is secure," and not posted the video.

I figured that since I was going to have to watch it, I'd also transcribe it.  This was partly so that I could have ammunition to pick it apart and partly so that I could distance myself from what I was seeing.  Even so, there were times when I literally broke down crying while watching this. 

However, my tears were rewarded as sure enough, as I was transcribing, I found the proof that [livejournal.com profile] rpeate claim that Mike wouldn't have posted the video was complete and utter bullshit.

Towards the end, Mike says, "And don’t let it be said that I’m unreasonable.  We finally came to an agreement, but in hindsight it just looks ridiculous and childish.  I mean, they’re still selling out. They’re still taking the thirty pieces of silver."

So yeah, I'm calling bullshit over there. 

For those who are interested, here's the transcript. Never having done one before, I hope you find it legible.  )
ETA: I went back through the video and cleaned up a few parts.  It's still not word-for-word, but it's a lot closer than it was.  I also added a couple of additional sporks.

ETA 2: Mike came over to the original post in [livejournal.com profile] antitheism to play.  Here's his comment thread.

ETA 3: This got linked on unfunnybusiness on journalfen for anyone who wants to see more discussion.


Feb. 22nd, 2011 02:25 am
87% of the counties in the United Fucking States of America lack an abortion provider.


I just...

I give up.

Obviously, the religious extremists in this country have won and I should just accept my fate as a broodmare.


Oh, and I happen to live in one of the 13% of counties that actually has an abortion provider.  That doesn't make me feel anything but numb.


Fuck me sideways.
Inspired by more than one comment on the post that this post links to, I'm finally going to weigh in on the whole anti-PC, thought-police, this-word-has-another-meaning-and-no-one-can-own-a-word, I-don't have-to-change-simply-because-you're-offended school of thought.

I'm going to begin by saying that I'm guilty of using pretty much every word that is at issue at one point or another, some as recently as last year, so I'm not saying that I'm not in a glass house here. 


For those who are against changing their language to remove certain words from their vocabularies because another person is offended by it, I ask the following question:

Who does it hurt? 

Seriously, who does it hurt to make the effort not to use words that others have found offensive?  I know that it's an effort to do so, so I guess someone could argue that it's hurting them by virtue of the fact that changing one's vocabulary and deleting certain words is hella difficult...  Well, I have to say that it's more difficult in the offline world, but online?  It's as easy as being careful of what one types.  I realize that for some, who type as quickly as they think, that could be a challenge, but seriously?  Who does it hurt?  Why is it such a big deal to just not be an asshat when someone asks you to do so?

Cut for possible triggers and an incomplete list of incredibly offensive slurs that everyone should know not to use. Ever.  )And because I've been educating myself a bunch lately, here are a bunch of links that all say all of this a lot better than I just did.

101 Primer

[livejournal.com profile] sparkindarkness' entire journal.

Read all of that and then come back to discuss, if you wish, :).

ETA: Proof that not being an asshat is an ongoing battle: Weak is ableist.  Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] 51stcenturyfox  for letting me know, :).

ETA 2: My comment thread on the post that started all of this is here

ETA 3: Drama communities are probably not the best place to start, lol, but if it were not for them I never would have found most of this stuff out, which is why I mentioned them.  The best place to start is with the 101 Primer and go from there, :).

This post has now been edited because my essential message was being lost and I was doing more harm than good by defending my position on one phrase.  Most of the comments regarding that phrase have now been screened.  I'm not a PoC, so my feelings on that phrase don't matter whatsoever and continuing to argue about it only detracts from the essential point of what I was trying to say. 

I apologize for the drama.

For the record I am US-born, white, queer though I easily pass for both female and straight, and able-bodied.  I have no personal experience with physical, racial or ethnic discrimination and I apologize for speaking for those groups as if I were personally invested in those particular slurs not being used.

The areas in which I have personal experience and/or a personal investment include: feminism/sexim, sex work, body image/food, sexual freedom, BGLTQP rights/homophobia, bullying, child abuse, the US foster care system, the US health care system, PTSD, anxiety, depression and mental health.  
Arizona Representative Gabrielle Giffords shot, several wounded.  She was shot in the head and is in surgery.  She's still alive as of this posting, though at least one of her aids wasn't so lucky.  She's a Democrat who just won a narrow victory against a Tea Party Candidate.  As [livejournal.com profile] rm  noted, her district was shown under a 'crosshairs' graphic on Sarah Palin's website.

ETA: A nine-year-old child was killed in this shooting.  This monster MURDERED A CHILD in the name of politics.  

First, just to get it out of the way, anyone who uses violence or the threat of violence in support of what they believe can go fuck themselves.

Second, I'm getting really tired of the stupid, militant asshats in this country (the US) getting away with this shit.  (And yes, they've arrested this particular militant asshat, but I know there will be those who condone his behavior privately, even if they condemn it publicly.)

I'm tired of abortion doctors facing the threat of death for supporting the rights of women not to be broodmares, but it's excused because it's 'god's will'.

I'm tired of Glenn Beck being allowed to rewrite history to say that it was the 3/5 clause and not the deaths of 600,000 people that led to the end of slavery.

I'm tired of Bill O'Reilly being allowed to say that 'you can't explain the tides' to an atheist in defense of god

I'm tired of the GOP saying that they're going to reduce the deficit, but exempt anything that they want to do (i.e. tax cuts and repealing health care reform) from their plans to do so.

I'm tired of people voting against their own self-interest because they don't want other people to have rights.

I'm tired of my side not prosecuting GW Bush's administration for war crimes.

I'm tired.

Note: To anyone who says that I shouldn't be bringing up all of this other stuff when a woman is critically injured in the hospital, I say that it's all part of a larger pattern of bullshit we've allowed stupid people to get away with for far too long.  She might not be lying in that hospital right now if we didn't give so many militant stupid fucksticks a pass when they promote stupidity. 
Yeah, yeah, I know, it's kind of funny that such a rabid atheist is saying the first part, but here's the thing:

"Muslim Terrorist" on Air Malta Plane Turns Out To Be Carribean Christian

When you say that one group is somehow scarier than another just because of the god they pray to (or what they look like or how they act), mistakes like this will happen, especially if you have the racist viewpoint that anyone who looks a certain way belongs to that faith. 

Cut for length and futher discussion. )

This isn't rocket science.  It's shit that all of us have been told at one point or another and yet we keep spreading that same fear of anyone who isn't heteronormative, white and Christian.  

People suck. 
To those who celebrate it, :). 

Myself, I celebrate the joy of family and the idea of Peace on Earth, Goodwill Towards Everyone.  And I like decorating my Christmas tree and thinking about the stories and memories associated with all of the decorations.

The trappings of this time of year were taken from many different religions and traditions and I love picking and choosing what's applicable to me, just as the Romans did when they were first converting the pagans all those centuries ago.

That's the lovely thing about being human (and privileged) - one has the freedom and free will to choose what one cares for and leave the rest.

My heart goes out to those in places where that freedom to choose doesn't exist, :(.

Happy Holidays, everyone, :).
Ganked from [livejournal.com profile] rm, though I deleted one sentence, paraphrased another and added one more, :).

So there's an LJ meme about your holiday wishlist.

The wishes can be anything from small and with no obvious monetary value to unlikely and/or extravagant. The idea is that I post mine and you post yours, and if people are inclined some of those wishes may just come true. For example, if you have a leather jacket you don’t want or a gift certificate you’re never going to use, that might just be the thing that could make someone else's holiday.

Anyway this is an entirely guilt/obligation-free/why-not sort of thing.  Just a bit of whimsy, and I do not expect nor require anyone to participate, :).

If you have already or do post one of these in the future, please comment with a link so that everyone can spread the word around.  Remember: one person's trash is another person's treasure, :).

Cut for my list, an incredibly vague trigger and my thoughts on this time of year, :). Happy Holidays! :) )  

I hope that everyone is safe and happy for this season and beyond and wish you all Peace on Earth, Goodwill towards Everyone, :).

Thank you all for being my friends, :)!
As everyone who reads this should know, I'm pansexual.  I am attracted to personalities, not physical appearance.  I can appreciate someone whom society tells me is beautiful, but their gender enters into it only as an afterthought.  In addition to this, I don't believe in monogamy.  While I'm very committed to those whom I love, I don't allow jealousy or possessiveness.  Period.  I'm not an object - I'm a human being.  And so are those whom I love and/or have sex with.

There are those who feel that my identity as a human being is immoral, that a person should only love one person of the opposite gender (or only one person, as I am discriminated against by some gay, lesbian and bisexual persons as well for not being monogamous).  People look down on me for being free with my sexuality. 

They tell me that I'm immoral, but they never adequately explain how or why.  Why is it immoral for me to love more than one person?  Hell, so long as everyone practices safe sex (in the interests of public health), why is it immoral for me to fuck every person I feel sexually attracted to?  

Who am I hurting?  So long as I am not an unsafe sex-practicing carrier of disease and make no promises that I can't or won't keep, how does my identity as a human being hurt anyone else?  I'm honest, up-front and completely open with who I am.  

Who am I hurting?  No one.  But there are those who feel that my sex life is their business and that they have a right to control me in the name of a morality to which I don't subscribe.

To me, something is moral if it causes no direct harm to anyone else.  It is moral if everyone is adult and it is consensual.  It is moral if it is honest. 

My identity is moral.  Period. 
Under the cut is an incredibly long exploration of possible reasons why our society sees certain identities as immoral, as well as the possible causes of GLBTQP identities. (WARNING: This will likely be offensive to some of you, but I do have a method to my madness. I hope. If I fail, please let me know how, because I tried really hard not to fail with this post.) There is also an examination of the differences between civilized and uncivilized human beings.  )
So when you tell me that I'm less than human because your 'morality' tells you so, I reject your morality.  I reject your primitive version of civilization.  I reject your identity as an asshat, because again, unless you are a born asshat (i.e., a psychopath), you can choose to be a decent, civilized human being instead.  

I didn't choose my sexual identity, but I did choose my identity as a decent, civilized and ultimately (despite my many, many failings) moral human being.  

ETA: I'm rather glad that I thought of something cool to post about for my 600th entry, :).
Correct me if I'm wrong, but men are human beings, right?  Which means that the following sentence:

plus he is not attracted to the male species.

is incorrect or at the very least, incomplete.  One could say, "He is not attracted to the male OF the species," or, "He is not attracted to the male of the Vulcan species." (Note: I did not see this line in a Star Trek story - Vulcan was just the most ubiquitous alien I could think of.)

However, saying, "plus he is not attracted to the male species."  breaks my brain for one very simple reason:


Okay, this started off as a mini-fanficrant and turned into a continuation of my "Am I Third Gendered" post, so, um. Yeah. That happened. I'm still confused, still questioning and still unable to figure out which box to check. The LONG exploration of that confusion is under the cut. Also, I have a strong feeling that some may find parts of this triggery or offensive and for that, I sincerely apologize. This is what my brain spat out. Read at your own risk.  )

I'm feeling frustrated and even more confused than when I started this, so here's where I am for now:

I think that I'm a human being who honestly doesn't care about genitals or gender identity as anything other than an aside to who someone is as a person.  I feel that biology dictates only what we allow it to and that, we as a species need to move past worrying so much about biology if we want to continue truly evolving beyond our animal roots.  
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There is no after you die.  While I accept that energy can be neither created nor destroyed, so there is a theoretical possibility of some our brains' neuro-electrical impulses surviving after death, I have no real belief in any sort of afterlife.

I assume that when I die, people will mourn, my body will be cremated and all that will be left of me and everything I was is whatever I managed to do before death.  If that's not an incentive to be a good, moral, and decent person, I don't know what is.

After I die, I won't care what happens because I'll be dead.  The thinking mind cannot conceive of the unthinking mind, but having been under anesthesia with no dreams and no consciousness, I feel as though I have a fairly decent idea of what 'death' will be like.  

Unthinking, unknowing, nothingness. 

Have a nice day.

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This is the dumbest question I've ever seen in my life. 

And no, I don't think that a certain sequence of numbers can predict future events.  Any that have seemed to do so have done so by a combination of pure coincidence and good showmanship.  

For the record, I also don't believe in Tarot cards, Astrology or anything that Nostradamus had to say. 

Finally, the Mayan calendar doesn't actually end in 2012, m'kay? 
Ku Klux Klan Plans Rally To Support Anti-Gay Counseling Student.

I shouldn't be laughing, but seriously?  I have to wonder if the fact that the KKK is holding a rally in her honor might not be enough to show this young woman that her path is not the right one.  

If the KKK held a rally in my honor I'd be out in front of it with a change of my entire belief structure faster than you can say "Gay Marriage"!

If this doesn't cause her to seriously re-examine her life and the choices she's made therein, I weep for her future and the future of all those like her.

ETA: Someone on facebook pointed out that she should see it as a 'sign'... 
Well, as a follow-up to this post, I've gone ahead and created a safe space for atheists, [livejournal.com profile] safeforatheists

Given that there will be no smut, I've labeled it 'adult concepts', so pretty much anyone above the age of reason may join. 

If you are religious, you are still welcome.  However, any attempts to try and convince members to change their way of thinking will be considered trolling - this goes on both sides, btw, ;). 

I figured that there was no use whining and whining about how there are no safe places for atheists when it's so flippin' easy to create a community.

All posts will be locked members-only because a) membership is going to be pretty open, b) I want to protect the privacy of what anyone might say there and c) I want everyone to feel free to say pretty much whatever they want within the topic at hand. 

As far as submitting membership requests go, when you submit your request to join, if you look human it will be approved.  The moderated membership is mostly to keep out bots, though if 'I love Newt Gingrich with all my heart' is somewhere on your profile, I'll probably watch you for a while once you're in, ;).
The Middle Class In America Is Radically Shrinking.  Here Are The Stats To Prove It.

This made me physically ill when I read it.  Literally, physically ill.  

We're boned.  Utterly and completely boned.  In the Great Depression, we had WWII to pull us out - 30 million people had to die for that one.  What the fuck would be needed to save us here?  

The worst part is that I can point a finger and see who's to blame - Washington DC, for not regulating businesses who sent jobs overseas out of existence.  And much as I'd love to blame Republicans more than Democrats, we the people are to blame for not stopping them from allowing big corporations to send their resources elsewhere.

An American worker can't compete with an overseas worker willing to work for less than a dollar per hour. 

So, um, yeah.  We're fucked.  Massage Therapy is looking better and better as a career, simply because someone has to massage the top 1% of the country that holds 83% of all US stocks. 

What I don't get is why individuals constantly vote against their own self-interest, and let's face it, if you vote for those who vote against more regulation of big corporations, that's exactly what you're doing.  

Once again, I blame religion and the religious right for using it against the ignorant, derailing rational discourse with topics like Gay Marriage and Don't Ask, Don't Tell.  "Family values" have distracted us from the real division of wealth in this country.  

People get very angry when the subject of the distribution of wealth comes up, but let's face it - class systems where a small percentage of the population hold a large percent of the wealth don't work out very well in the end.

Exhibit A: France.

Exhibit B: The Soviet Union.

Don't get me wrong - communism doesn't work.  In truth, I AM in favor of capitalism, but what we have in the US now isn't true capitalism, it's corporate parasitism.  Big corporations get tax breaks for not giving jobs to Americans and even though the Supreme Court recently said that they had the same rights as individuals, they pay far less, percentage-wise, than the average citizen in taxed.  How is that fair? 

The more I think about it, the more that I realize that 1% of the population controlling a majority of the wealth sounds an awful lot like...

A monarchy.

And didn't we fight a war 234 years ago to try and get away from that system? 



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