Ugh, Grimm

Nov. 30th, 2014 07:05 pm
[personal profile] teleen_fiction


I've been pissed off about this for months, to the point where I refused to watch the first five episodes of the new season until just last week.  Sadly, they handled said episodes nearly as badly as I expected them to.


The finale of last season had an interesting plot twist.  Adeline, a overall villain and generally horrible person, was blackmailed by other horrible people into using her powers to turn herself into Nick's fiance, Juliette, and have sex with Nick in her Juliette suit.  The end result being that Nick would lose his Grimm powers for reasons too convoluted to go into.

To be clear, Adeline seduced Nick while wearing the body of his fiance.  Said fiance reacted not quite as though he'd cheated on her, but close.  She gave Nick shit about not being able to tell the difference, saying, "I feel sick."

Now, imagine if this had been the other way around.  If someone had had sex with JULIETTE while wearing Nick's body.

No one would questioning it as rape.  It's sex by deception, WHICH IS RAPE.

Fast-forward to the first six episodes of this season, where it is determined that the only way for Nick to get his powers back is if Juliette has sex with him wearing Adeline's body.

There was some hemming and hawing, but eventually circumstances conspired to make Juliette want to do it.

Keep in mind, Nick is utterly disgusted by Adeline.  To be fair, they both are, but still.

Juliette, wearing Adeline's body, tells Nick, "This is the only way I'll ever let you have an affair, so take advantage."

They have sex.  Good sex, if the after shots are any indication.

My squick factor is at an all-time high.

I get that Grimm isn't trying to be even a little bit ground-breaking, but this was really gross.

I really loathe that our society is so convinced that a man could never be raped that one can see that the thought of Nick feeling as though he had been never crossed anyone's mind.  He's a guy, right?  And men are always up for it.

I hate it here.

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