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This will be part movie review, but mostly about the world in which we live and how I wish it were different.  There are some spoilers for the film, but as it's a kids' movie, I don't think that they're anything that someone who saw a preview wouldn't be able to glean.

"Wreck-It Ralph" is a pretty good kids' movie with a decent plot and some good humor.  Even if one is not much of a video game fan (i.e. if they're me), one can find it entertaining and highly watchable.

Ralph is a bad guy who doesn't really like being bad.  Moreover, he's treated like shit by the others in his game even though the game can't go on without him there to wreck things so that the title character of his video game ("Fit-It Felix, Jr.") can fix them with his magic hammer.

It comes to a head when his game is holding its thirtieth anniversary party and don't invite Ralph.  Instead, they basically treat him like the trash that's in the dump in which he lives and tell him that they'll never award him one of the medals that Felix is always winning because only heroes get medals.

This sets off a series of events wherein Ralph travels to another game to procure a medal.  A first-person shooter game with a badass female military leader voiced by Jane Lynch.  Ralph steals the medal from the game, but then manages to take one of the virus-alien-bug creatures that are in said game over to ANOTHER game, causing Jane Lynch's character to have to chase after them to stop the virus from multiplying and taking over not only the "Sugar Rush" game into which Ralph crashes (and meets his adorable new friend who's a "glitch" in "Sugar Rush"), but also every other game in the arcade.

The problem is that when Ralph leaves his game, there's no one in his world to wreck anything, thus Felix is out of a job, and the game is marked "Out of Order," something that is tantamount to a notice of impending execution in this world.

Felix goes looking for Ralph and meets up with Jane Lynch's character.  Which is about the time I started wishing we lived in a different world.

You see, her character has "the most tragic back story ever."  Her husband-to-be was killed on their wedding day by one of the bugs because she forgot to do a perimeter check.  Because of this, she's less than receptive when Felix starts making goo-goo eyes at her.  Naturally, things work out by the end of the film and they get married with all of her platoon standing guard.

Oh, and things work out for Ralph and his little girl glitch, too.

All of this was bittersweet for me because I realized that this could have been so different, and so much cooler, if only we lived in a different world.

In the world in which I wish I lived, Jane Lynch's husband-to-be would have been her wife-to-be and "Fit-It Felix, Jr." would have been "Fix-It Felicia."  In the world I wish I lived, the subplot would have been exactly the same, with exactly the same PG rating (oh, and how the FUCK is this movie PG when Cars 2 was about a thousand times more violent and was rated G?  But that's a rant for another day).

It would have been so cool to see that inclusion, to have their be a subplot where kids could see two women (or two men, but since it was Jane Lynch doing the voice of the badass soldier and Jane Lynch is a lesbian, I'm going with two women for this specific instance) could meet, fall in love with what I honestly thought was G-rated romance, and share three kisses, one of which was on their wedding day.

I wish I lived in that world, where a subplot could show kids that it's okay for people of the same gender to fall in love.  I'm not even asking for it to be the main story, because that's WAY too much to ask, but it would have been a really awesome subplot.  It would have been nice to be included.  It would have been nice to see love through something other than heterosexist goggles.  It would have been nice if the filmmakers, who had no trouble showing a character with violent video game-related PTSD (which, come to think of it, is probably why the movie was rated PG - the video game from wench Jane Lynch's character hails is pretty violent, though it's still not as violent as Cars 2, sigh), could have shown something that was really positive instead of just giving us what was a cute, sweet, somewhat original piece of fluff.

Especially with Jane Lynch as one of the voices.

The thing is, I think I was also colored by the Academy Award-winning short "Paper Man," which was shown before "Wreck-It Ralph."  No, its characters weren't LGBTQP, either, but as I was watching the short romance that played out in it, it got me thinking about how I never see anything but heterosexual animated characters, at least not in films or TV shows that are actually aimed at children.  I have no doubt that there are LGBTQP animated characters, somewhere, but they are always in boxes labeled "Adults Only."

Because while straight romance gets a G or PG rating, anything with even a hint of gay is at least PG-13.

It bothered me today because while the "Fix-It Felix, Jr." game was thirty years old, there was a Ms. Pac-Man then and since Felix inherited his magic hammer from his dad, there's no reason why "Felicia" couldn't have as well.

In other words, there was no good reason NOT to have the relationship be a lesbian one, except that LGBTPQ persons are unfit to be seen by the kids.  And that just depresses the fuck out of me.
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